ACL Knee Brace

ACL Knee Brace


Our patients are often referred to us from orthopaedic consultants and physiotherapists, asking us to provide an ACL Knee Brace to protect from injury, support a torn ligament or to protect their repaired ACL injuries after surgery.

We help to keep our patients at the top of their game with the effective support of an ACL Knee Brace. An ACL Brace protects from sports-related injury, supporting an existing injury or helping a full recovery after surgery so that you can return to sports and activities sooner.

Some of our clients also want and need to keep fit and active but have difficulty doing so because of previous injury or joint instability. We help to lengthen their active life by providing the necessary ACL Knee Support and protection to reduce the risk of further injury and minimise unnecessary wear and tear in an unstable joint or joint complex.

An ACL Knee Brace uses a lightweight carbon fibre or aircraft aluminium frame with hinges incorporated at the knee joint for full mobility. An ACL Brace controls and supports using comfortable, firm straps which allow the knee to continue its normal movement, whilst preventing any abnormal movements. This design allows the knee to retain full movement (bending and straightening) whilst simultaneously providing rotational support. We have an extensive ACL Knee Brace range and also fit custom braces based on your individual needs.

ACL Knee Brace Features

A good knee brace will comfortable protect and support normal movement and prevent abnormal loads on the knee. Essentially it’s no different from wearing a crash helmet and will have:

  • Anatomically-correct hinges with extension stops to allow full range of motion but prevent over-stretching of the ligaments.
  • Adjustable Straps and condyle pads to control the tibia and allow adjustments in hinge depth to ensure correct joint alignment.
  • Padding, sometimes with silicone to prevent slipping (migration).
  • Well-designed buckles and cuffs to improve comfort and eliminate pressure points.
    Support for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities.
  • Ability to be used in fresh, chlorinated and salt water.

Our ACL Injury page provides further information on what ACL means, the causes and symptoms of an ACL Injury. Contact our knee specialists to arrange a consultation and read our ACL Injury Treatment process for a full understanding of how we treat our patients with expert care which is individual to our patients’ needs.

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