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At Technology in Motion, our registered specialists offer leading orthotic treatment for all knee deficiencies, including expert advice and knee brace orthoses. Our aim is to control the knee, minimising the risk of further injury. Knee Bracing can also help to reduce the impact of further arthritic damage, reduce pain, improve mobility and prevent further injury, which may ultimately result in knee replacement surgery.

Many of our clients are much more active and able than their knee pathologies allow. With expert assessment and the correct knee brace, our Orthotists can help return you to as close to original performance as possible, lengthening your active life and minimising unnecessary wear and tear in an unstable or degrading joint complex.


About The Knee


The knee is one of the most complex joints in the body, giving us the ability to rapidly move Knee Bracefrom standing to turning, walking and running. In walking and running it allows efficient shock absorption and takes all of the dynamic body weight when active. It efficiently allows us to move so much so that it’s not until we have an injury or arthritis starts to develop that we appreciate just how dependent we are on our knees.

Unlike a simple hinge the knee not only allows the knee to bend and flex, it also allows rotation to accommodate active movement. When standing, the ligaments within and around the knee come into tension and lock the leg into a stable limb to allow standing and walking with minimum energy expenditure. If any of these ligaments, the medial collateral (MCL), Lateral Collateral (LCL), Anterior Cruciate (ACL) and Posterior Cruciate (PCL) are torn in injury the knee becomes unstable.

If not controlled, arthritis can develop, usually on the inside of the knee in the medial compartment. When this happens, the smooth covering of the meniscus and articular cartilage becomes roughened causing pain and inflammation. A surgeon can clean and trim the internal damage and many patients are able to continue with few problems. However, if the knee is unstable, arthritic changes can continue.

At this critical stage, you would be wise to contact Technology in Motion for advice on how to stabilise your knee or reduce load on an arthritic knee joint.


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