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Also known as flat head syndrome, plagiocephaly is a condition characterised by an asymmetrical distortion (flattening of one side) of the skull. This can also be associated with a wide head shape, known as brachycephaly. In recent years increasing awareness of the condition, and more importantly what we can do to correct it has propelled our business into a thriving national concern by offering our helmet treatment within highly developed protocols through our own network of UK clinics. Our approach involves advice on repositioning babies and ensuring that there is no torticollis or asymmetry in the neck muscles, alleviating the factors that contribute to flat head syndrome and if these are not successful, fitting and monitoring our hugely successful and trademarked TimBand™ helmet.
We are now seeking qualified medical professionals to represent us in their own region to offer our unique solution either as a stand-alone service or alongside their current speciality. The business is easily learned, giving a strong return even part time, and fully supported by a highly successful team at Technology in Motion’s Head Office in Leeds.

How this business proposition works:

Technology in Motion has developed a corrective helmet for babies that is proven to be effective and is a relatively easy and extremely successful answer to the parents of young babies who have a distressing head shape deformity. As a franchise owner you’ll operate from your established clinic offering treatment to parents and infants within your own area. You’ll use our protocols and digital scanning equipment and simple software to assess each child. Once the assessment is done you may provide advice and/or a custom fitted helmet for the child to wear which harmlessly corrects the plagiocephaly over the coming months. The results speak for themselves and our endless stream of thank you cards and testimonials make this a business that is rewarding in more ways than one.
The franchise is easily operated as a part time additional service alongside your current clinic or it can provide a genuine full time income.

Growing your Technology in Motion Franchise:

Technology in Motion has grown by knowing our market and making sure that we target our marketing to specifically meet the needs of the parents who contact us. Our franchise launch assist program is a comprehensive business launch that includes extensive online and offline promotion to get your new franchise underway. Our website is constantly search engine optimised and we regularly appear in natural listing on the first page, we also benefit from substantial adwords and professional social media campaigns that generate enquires from all around the country and even internationally. We also use traditional marketing techniques and materials including brochures, leaflets, direct mail, e-shots, exhibitions and even presentations and education to associated healthcare professionals. Combine all of this with what you’ll do at a local level and you can see why Technology in Motion is no ordinary franchise.

Your training and support:

We know that you’ll be putting a lot of faith in us when you launch your franchise and so our training is very comprehensive, not just at the outset, but also on an ongoing basis. Technology in Motion has earned a reputation for excellence in plagiocephaly and with your commitment we can quickly teach you everything that you need to know to replicate our success in your own area. In your first few weeks we’ll work directly alongside you so that when you welcome your first customers everything runs smoothly.

Next steps:

There’s so much more we can tell you about this unique opportunity and we’d love to meet you to discuss how you can launch your own franchise in your own exclusive area. It could be the start of a whole new adventure to the benefit of you and your clinical business.
To find out more about investment and returns:
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