5 Ways to Celebrate Flat Head Syndrome Treatment Graduation

Five Ways to Celebrate TiMbandAir Graduation

Five Ways to Celebrate TiMbandAir Graduation

You’ve seen flat head syndrome treatment through and, after months of supporting your baby with their TiMBandAir, it’s time to say goodbye to the helmet and acknowledge your combined resilience and, most of all, their corrected head shape. You’ve come a long way together through plagiocephaly treatment and it’s time to celebrate! This can be an emotional time for parents and we love nothing more than seeing all the helmet therapy before and after photos kindly shared with us.

Like many TiMBandAir parents, you may want to do something momentous to celebrate your baby’s TiMBandAir graduation, so we’ve put together some of our favourite ideas to inspire you:

Family photoshoot

Even though your baby will have looked very cute in their TiMBandAir, the time has come to part ways. At last, you can admire your baby’s new head shape and get your fill of helmet-free snuggles and that lovely baby smell. What better way to document the moment than with a fresh family photoshoot with your little one?

Five Ways to Celebrate Flat Head Syndrome Graduation“>

Graduation Party

Why wait until they’re 21 to throw your child a graduation party? Your baby has done so well that their TiMBandAir graduation is worth celebrating too! Creative mum, Galina, put together this beautiful graduation for her little girl, Amara, after she finished her TiMBandAir treatment. Complete with a baby mortarboard, ‘I’m Done’ banner, and custom cake, Amara looks the part and we’re sure her family felt so proud! Finishing TiMBandAir treatment is the perfect opportunity to gather close friends and family for a celebration, especially if grandparents and aunts and uncles have been particularly supportive along the way.

Flat Head Syndrome Treatment

Baby’s First Hair Cut

During TiMBandAir treatment, it makes sense to keep hairstyles low maintenance. But once the helmet is off and you can see how much your baby’s hair has grown over the months, why not go for baby’s first haircut? After all, such a beautiful new head shape should have the perfect little haircut to show off all the progress and patience it took to get there.

Plagiocephaly Treatment

Trip to Build-a-Bear

We’ve seen other parents blog about taking their baby to Build-a-Bear post-treatment, which is a fantastic idea for two reasons. First, little ones love choosing and stuffing their own teddy and this is an activity siblings or friends can join in with! It’s also a great way to store the helmet as a keepsake.

helmet therapy

Baby’s First Swim

Swimming is fantastic exercise and if you do swim with your baby when in flat head syndrome treatment, just take the helmet off. If you’ve not been before, start now! It’s time to get splashing! Your baby might have experienced swimming before but you can now enjoy a family swimming session without worrying about timings or getting their head wet in the same way. Why not book baby swimming lessons or go for a fun family morning at your local swimming pool?

Plagiocephaly Treatment

We love seeing all our little patients graduate and hope you feel inspired to celebrate when the time comes for you to say goodbye to your baby’s TiMBandAir. Until then, keep up to date with our blog posts and remember we’re here if you have any questions.

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