Travelling with osteoarthritisOsteoarthritis of the knee can be restrictive at times, but there’s no need to let your concerns about knee pain and stiffness spoil your holiday. Whether it’s a beach trip or a rural retreat, these top tips for travelling with osteoarthritis will help you enjoy your time away to the fullest. (more…)

Knee Supports and Osteoarthritis: Separating Myth from Reality

While there may be no known cure for osteoarthritis of the knee, there are several things you Knee bracescan do to  reduce the strain on your joints. Common suggestions include pacing your activities throughout the day, modifying your home and workspace, and walking with a stick or knee support. The question is, do knee supports help with osteoarthritis, or do they simply help to relieve the pain? This post lays bare the facts about knee supports and osteoarthritis, helping you decide whether or not they are the right solution for you. (more…)