Ligament Knee Bracing (ACL)

Different Types of Knee Injuries

The knee is a crucial joint that carries all of our weight at the stance phase of walking, making it vital for mobility. It might be a robust joint but, in extreme circumstances, a certain fragility to some of the structures can lead to injury. This post describes the most common types of knee injury and explores some of the treatment options available. (more…)

Enjoy the slopes for many years to come with the right knee bracing solution

Two skiersSkiing is a tremendous winter sport and a feast for the senses, offering the perfect blend of physical activity and spectacular scenery. However, as with all extreme sports, there are precautions worth considering if you wish to continue enjoying the slopes for many years to come – and this is where the benefits of knee braces for skiing come in. (more…)

Knee brace for ligament injurySo, you’ve injured your knee and maybe seen your doctor, who has helped you in the initial stages of your recovery. Whether you have undergone surgery or not, rehabilitation is a crucial step in the repair of your knee ligament injury. It can help ensure a full recovery whilst protecting you from potential knock-on effects, such as the early onset of osteoarthritis. (more…)

Knee brace fittingThe right knee brace can provide effective control, support and pain relief for weakened knees. It’ll also protect you from further injury and can even rehabilitate wasted muscles and improve anatomical alignment over time. (more…)

Two skiersACL tears often leave sufferers with enduring weakness and instability in the knee, leading many to ask, ‘can you ski with an ACL injury?’ Given that damaged knees are far more susceptible to further injury and that skiing is a high-energy sport requiring a lot of bending, pivoting and jumping, this level of caution is justified. (more…)

How to Prevent Injury and Maximise Your Performance On the Slopes

Knee brace for winterExtreme weather conditions and bumpy, high-speed descents can place an unnatural amount of strain on the joints – especially if they have been injured previously. However, with the right knee brace for winter sports, you can protect weakened ligaments, cartilage and bone against these external forces and benefit from increased control, stability and endurance whilst out on the slopes. (more…)

Choosing the Right Brace for Your Knee Ligament Injury

A torn or ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is one of the most common types of knee injury, most often seen in athletes. Following his injury in Arsenal’s first game of 2014, news of Theo Walcott’s ruptured ACL devastated fans as it was revealed that he would be out of action for at least six months. He will be undergoing reconstructive surgery to repair the ligament, followed by a six-month recovery period. Knee braces for sports are usually recommended in such cases to support and protect the weakened ACL and help patients return to an activity level that’s as close to their original standard as possible. (more…)

Choosing the Right Treatment for Your Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

Rupturing your ACL can be an extremely painful experience. The injury is caused by an acl-leguncontrolled high load, which stretches and breaks the controlling ligament. This can occur when participating in high energy sports such as skiing or motocross, and can also result from a simple trip or fall when wearing skis, which overstretch the ligaments. Patients who see us usually report an unnatural fall, twist and pop as the ligament tears, and then the knee swells almost immediately. This can be followed by pain and instability. A ruptured ACL destabilises the knee joint, which can lead to early arthritic changes in later life. This post explains what to do if you’ve ruptured your ACL, easing the pain, helping prevent further injury and enabling you to continue participating in the activities you enjoy. (more…)