How to Wear a Knee Brace

Knee braces help to support and protect your knee, and are especially required when you have a moderate knee injury involving cartilage or ligament damage. A good knee brace reduces pain and accelerates the healing process by limiting your range of motion.

Therefore, for the best protection, it is essential that you wear your knee brace correctly. In order to make a full recovery, it is important you have the right brace for your specific level of injury as recommended by a physician.

This post will give you advice on how to put on a knee brace, how to comfortably wear a knee brace and also how best to protect yourself from future injury.


Different Types of Knee Injuries

The knee is a crucial joint that carries all of our weight at the stance phase of walking, making it vital for mobility. It might be a robust joint but, in extreme circumstances, a certain fragility to some of the structures can lead to injury. This post describes the most common types of knee injury and explores some of the treatment options available. (more…)

Leg Callipers

Orthotics, not to be confused with prosthetics, which deals with the manufacture of missing or defective limbs, is the field of medicine concerned with the creation of custom-made external supports such as braces and splints. These external supports, otherwise known as orthoses, help to improve overall life quality through supporting, preventing and correcting issues within the neuromuscular and skeletal system.


Enjoy the slopes for many years to come with the right knee bracing solution

Two skiersSkiing is a tremendous winter sport and a feast for the senses, offering the perfect blend of physical activity and spectacular scenery. However, as with all extreme sports, there are precautions worth considering if you wish to continue enjoying the slopes for many years to come – and this is where the benefits of knee braces for skiing come in. (more…)

7 Non-Invasive Therapies for Knee PainWhether caused by an injury or a degenerative disease like osteoarthritis, unless carefully managed, knee pain can have a major impact on our way of life. These simple therapies for knee pain will help you to effectively relieve pain, stiffness and swelling on a day-to-day basis without the unpleasant side effects associated with other, more invasive treatments. (more…)

Travelling with osteoarthritisOsteoarthritis of the knee can be restrictive at times, but there’s no need to let your concerns about knee pain and stiffness spoil your holiday. Whether it’s a beach trip or a rural retreat, these top tips for travelling with osteoarthritis will help you enjoy your time away to the fullest. (more…)

Marathon runnersTraining for a marathon is hard work at the best of times and if you’ve sustained a knee injury, it can feel like an uphill struggle from the word go. But as all good sportsmen know, there’s nothing more rewarding in life than overcoming a challenge. (more…)

Knee brace for ligament injurySo, you’ve injured your knee and maybe seen your doctor, who has helped you in the initial stages of your recovery. Whether you have undergone surgery or not, rehabilitation is a crucial step in the repair of your knee ligament injury. It can help ensure a full recovery whilst protecting you from potential knock-on effects, such as the early onset of osteoarthritis. (more…)

Knee brace fittingThe right knee brace can provide effective control, support and pain relief for weakened knees. It’ll also protect you from further injury and can even rehabilitate wasted muscles and improve anatomical alignment over time. (more…)

Two skiersKnee ligament injuries are becoming increasingly common amongst physically active individuals, especially those who participate in high-impact sports involving a lot of bending and pivoting – skiing being a case in point. But there’s no need to let any concerns about getting injured prevent you from enjoying your favourite winter sport. (more…)