Which Are the Best Knee Braces for Sports Injuries?

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Which Are the Best Knee Braces for Sports Injuries?

Which Are the Best Knee Braces for Sports Injuries?

Choosing the Right Brace for Your Knee Ligament Injury

A torn or ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is one of the most common types of knee injury, most often seen in athletes. Following his injury in Arsenal’s first game of 2014, news of Theo Walcott’s ruptured ACL devastated fans as it was revealed that he would be out of action for at least six months. He will be undergoing reconstructive surgery to repair the ligament, followed by a six-month recovery period. Knee braces for sports are usually recommended in such cases to support and protect the weakened ACL and help patients return to an activity level that’s as close to their original standard as possible.

If you have suffered an ACL injury, the correct knee brace can enable you to return to your favourite sports with full confidence. Even if you haven’t been injured but simply have unstable knees, knee braces for sports can help provide you with the extra protection and support you require while minimising further damage.

Which Knee Braces to Choose for Sports Injuries

While soft knee braces are the cheapest option, usually available on the internet or out of a therapist’s cupboard, they will not give adequate control in high-impact, high-energy situations or where there is low speed high torque in the knee, making them unsuitable for those who regularly participate in vigorous physical activity.

The best knee braces for sports injuries are those with a rigid shell, which are designed to protect and support all the key ligaments. A rigid, well-fitted ACL knee brace will give your joints greater control and precision of movement than a soft elasticated type can, improving performance and helping protect against further damage.

Össur’s CTi Knee Braces are available through Technology in Motion, and are favoured by active individuals and sporting professionals all over the world, from keen skiers to pro skateboarders. They combine a firm laminated carbon composite or aluminium frame with flexible sub-shells, silicone padding and adjustable tibial strap to give full comfort, support and adjustability. They are ideal for ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL injuries of all kinds, including rotational and combined instabilities.

If you’re looking for the best knee brace to suit your injury and lifestyle, contact Technology in Motion today. We have been supplying knee braces for sports injuries for over 20 years and have access to a wide range of knee braces for sports, including those from Össur and DonJoy. We will take a detailed history of the injury and test all your ligaments, enabling us to find the right solution for you.

Please call 0330 100 1800 to arrange an appointment or for more information on our UK clinics, products and services.

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