10 Reasons To Visit a Private Orthotist Instead Of The NHS

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10 Reasons to Visit a Private Orthotist

10 Reasons to Visit a Private Orthotist

The NHS is excellent at what it does, but its top-down approach to patient care means that it is unable to fulfil the needs of every individual it deals with. For certain people in certain circumstances, the convenience, personal service and tailored solutions offered by a private Orthotist may warrant the extra cost involved.

If you’re not happy with the service you have received from the national health service and prefer a personal approach, you might consider going private as most of our clients do.

Here are 10 of the most common reasons that are given for choosing a private orthotic clinic.

Reasons to go to a private orthotic clinic when you can get free treatment on the NHS:

1. You simply can’t get what you need on the NHS. Some treatments, such as helmets for plagiocephaly, are simply not available through the NHS.

2. You’re a physically active person who participates in a lot of high-impact sports, such as running, football and skiing. Active individuals often need extra support against the added risks they face in their day-to-day training, especially if there is an existing weakness.

3. You want to benefit from the latest in biomechanical technology. Orthotic devices provided by the NHS can be on the clunky side, especially in the case of leg callipers. A private Orthotist will be able to provide you with a lightweight orthosis that won’t restrict movement, but which will still provide the control and support that you need.

4. You have a complex injury that has left you with limited control over the affected area. For example, if you have a knee injury spread across multiple ligaments, you will need a brace that provides added support for all the main pressure points in the knee. Depending on your local NHS trust, funding may not be provided for this.

5. Your current orthosis doesn’t fit properly. If your existing healthcare provider can’t find you an off-the-shelf orthosis that fits comfortably without any slippage, a private orthotics specialist will be able to provide a custom-made solution that fits like a glove. Many clients who see us have been supplied with a ready-made product that doesn’t give adequate control and is either too large or too small, with some experiencing discomfort as a result.

6. Your current orthosis doesn’t provide enough support. A private practitioner will take a detailed history of your injury and carry out a detailed bio-mechanical analysis before deciding on the best course of action for your particular injury. This will help them find an orthosis that provides exactly the right level of support.

7. Your current orthosis is uncomfortable. What feels right for one person might cause someone else significant discomfort and even pain, and this can sometimes be the case with standard-issue orthoses. A private practitioner will be able to provide you with a bespoke solution that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and control.

8. You’re unwilling to wait. While NHS waiting lists can be several months long, a private Orthotist will usually be able to see you within just a few days. Whether you have a physically active holiday lined up or want to get back into training as soon as possible, going private can ensure that you’re seen to as soon as possible.

9. You want to overcome your injury for good. With specialist care and support, many people are able to return to a level of physical activity close to their original one. Choosing a reputable private orthotic clinic can help you maximise your chances of achieving a full recovery.

10. You want to benefit from a personal service with good after-sales support. With the NHS coming under increasing financial pressure, many practitioners no longer have the time or resource to provide patients with adequate, up-to-date advice. With private treatment, you can enjoy a higher standard of service supported by the latest products and research.

Technology in Motion is a private clinic offering a range of specialist orthotic services throughout the UK. If you would like to benefit from our patient-centred approach, book an appointment on 0330 100 1800 or browse our website for more information on our clinics and the services we provide.

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