Motocross Knee Brace

CTi Knee Braces

CTi motocross knee brace riders benefit from a comfortable fit that provides additional control when you need it most. It also allows for more movement and a stronger grip in the knee area.

Going on your bike without a helmet, knee brace or spine board for protection can lead to unexpected injury. Simple foot down injuries with the bike turning on your planted foot, places all of the kinetic energy into your knee. Our knee braces, such as the CTi ProSport  are designed to take this twisting load and protect your knee, minimising the risk of injury. A well fitting and controlling knee brace also protects from more extreme high-speed impacts reducing the risk of patella, ligament and joint injuries.

Braces that slip and move offer little to no control of the knee joint and can cause more damage as they offer little resistance to strains on the knee ligaments. A well fitted and correctly aligned Knee Brace will stay where is should be to give control and protection exactly where it’s needed on impact.



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